Monday, May 16, 2011

Friday Fieldtrip and First Haircut

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Last Friday was the kindergarten field trip at Ry's school and I got the privilege to help chaperone! I'm not sure who was more excited about it, him or me! The kids took a bus and went out to Longfellow's nursery and garden center where they got to learn all about flowers and plants. They colored pictures of flowers, took a tour and got to even plant their own flowers to take home.  While on the tour, they had display fountains set up in a few areas.  We came to one that had a yellowish color water coming out it.  My assumption was that it was recycled rainwater.  One of the kids pointed to it and said "Ew, look at that dirty water!"  And wouldn't you know it, before I could retort with my so smart rainwater theory, my son (of all people) said "Nope, that's not water.  It's beer."  Now, tell me how in the world he would ever know the color of beer! LOL.  We don't even keep beer in the house and it's a rarity for my husband and I to even drink one around him.    But, apparently, it comes out of the non-existent fountains all over the yard. 

Coloring fun


Ry and his Begonia

The begonia...or bezanya as one of the boys called it.  HA!

After leaving the garden center, the kids got to go to a park to eat lunch and play on the playground.  They had so much fun!  That's the thing I love about kids.  It doesn't matter if they play on a playground every day, but when they get to go to a new place, they act like it's the best thing on Earth!  So sweet!

I had a great time with the kids.  They were all so sweet and so excited!

Then Saturday I had to work and Ry went to the movies and spent the night with his cousin.  So, it was just Lee and I and the wild woman.  We went and had pizza and came home and I gave miss Reesie her very first haircut.  Her hair took forever to come in and is so curly, it just looks super short.  The ends needed trimmed up because they were knotty.


happy girl

Daddy and Reesie
She sat completely still and loved every minute of it!  I think that I am going to have a princess on my hands!

I have to tell you all one more thing.  When I picked up Rylee and another friend Gage today after school, I went through the usual questions with them.  You know-how was your day, what was for lunch...etc and Ry said good and hamburgers and then took a deep sigh in.  He said "But, you DO NOT want to know what happened in specials!!"  Uh oh.  I was worried that he had gotten in trouble so I reluctantly asked what happened while looking in the rear view mirror at him.  He said "Sally kissed George!!"*  And I immediately started chuckling.  He said "Mom, kissing is NOT allowed in school!", and Gage chimed in "Yeah, that's something teenagers do."
Oh, boy.

Hope you all had a happy weekend and a happy Monday!  I was so happy to see the sun shining today in the clear blue sky:)

*names changed to protect the innocent lovebirds

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