Thursday, March 31, 2011

2 more days!

Wow! My long anticipated wait is almost over. In two days I will be running in my very first half marathon in Kansas City. I am overwhelmed with excitement, but really mostly nervousness!! I can't wait to post all of the pictures and details!:)
I truly am blessed by all of the support I have received from my husband especially, my family, friends and my clients!!

My cup runneth over!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sew happy!

I have really been on a sewing kick lately. I have loved to sew since the day I sat in front of my machine. It feels like second nature to me. I just haven't made the time to do it. My goal this year is to drag out my old clothes and re-vamp them into something new. I think it will be a fun challenge to help me sharpen my sewing skills and also save me money. I have a huge fabric stash so I'm sure there will be a lot of fun things that come out of it! Yippee:)
So a couple of Mondays ago I pulled out my Amy Butler "Style Stitches" book and picked the fringed hobo bag to tackle. That was the first time I have followed a pattern of this magnitude! It is by far not perfect, but I love it!!

I didn't put the fringe on it and added the flower. It is a perfectly fun spring bag:). I am slightly (ok it's a problem) obsessed with coral, turquoise and army green for the spring season. If you ask the girls at work they will tell you that I won't shut up about it! Lol! What? It's cute!
So then I decided I wanted to make an elastic waist skirt this Monday. I googled and found this cute blog called And she had a great and super easy tutorial on how to make one. And guess what? She even shows you how to put in pockets!!

Didn't it turn out cute?? I love it! (do you also notice the coral tank and turquoise shoes?).

I love the pockets, too. It's always fun to put some happy fabric into projects:)
When I dug my fabric out for my skirt, I found some funky jersey material and decided I wanted to turn it into a fun tank top I could wear under a cardigan. So I took one of my tank tops I already had and placed it on top of my doubled material. I cut around it about a half an inch on all sides and voila! I had the two sides of my tank top. So from there I cut the front a little lower and sewed the two pieces with right sides together. I decided I wanted to embellish the front a little bit. I made a ruffle and cut a sort of "bib" shape out of some-wait for it-turquoise fabric (I know-shock!) and appliquéd the both to the front of the top. To finish I took black bias tape and finished up the top seams. For the bottom, I just folded under twice and stitched. I then dug into my button stash and found some cute pink buttons that I knew would go perfectly! Once again, this being my first attempt, it wasn't perfect by any means, but I love it just the same;).

Gotta love those iPhone pictures!

I'm sew (heehee) excited to continue my sewing adventures! I have a bunch of projects I want to try!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We are supposed to get snow today. Let's hope not! Even though it's been so dreary around here the past few days, my husband decided to bring some spring into my life. I got these at work on Thursday just because and with an incredibly sweet card. I really am so spoiled! I just love daisies:)

It's officially ONE week until my half marathon! I'm super excited and really nervous! I can't believe it's almost here!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

I do have to admit that I have been a terrible blogger. It has been 2 months and I have had a lot to blog about, just haven't done it.  Time just seems to fly by faster and faster!

I actually got a text from a friend the other day that just simply said "BLOG!!".   LOL!  If I wouldn't put it off, then it wouldn't take me forever to post just one entry.  So, this one is for you, Sarah!  And for all of my followers that actually read:) 
So, here is what's new.

Rylee received the Sunshine Award from his principal and here he is in the assembly.  We are so very proud of our little sunshine boy:)

We actually had a nice (enough) day to take the kids to the playground and slide.
And then we got hit with a whopping 19 inch blizzard!

So, we made snow ice cream! Yum!

Valentine's Day cookies with Nannie
So much fun!
And turned out beautifully!
Ry's school Valentine box
Playing in the "clubhouse"
Her newest obsession is Sunchips!

I have been busy training for my half marathon, which I will run on April 2 in KC.  I am so very excited and nervous all at the same time!  This is a goal that I have been wanting to complete for some time now, so it's pretty special to me!:)
Here is the website if any of you would like to read up on it.

This past weekend, Lee and I actually got the chance to have a date night.  We haven't had a real one in a while and we really enjoyed hanging out with friends and having adult time!

Date night!
This picture is edited with Instagram, which is an app on my iPhone and I am OBSESSED with it! 

Also, I this is what I woke up to this morning.  Keep in mind, I ran outside on Saturday in a t-shirt and shorts and was hot.  Gotta love Missouri!
March 14, 2011
Have a great Monday!  I can't wait for Bunco and The Bachelor season finale!  He had better pick Emily!