Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Playing catchup

So I skipped six months of this year. And it's been a fun one! So here I go playing catchup.
Our big event this year was Disney World! Woohoo! In May the four of us, along with my parents, took a trip to the Mouse's house! I hadn't been to Disney since I was fifteen (that was seventeen years ago!) and Lee hadn't been in about fifteen years. So, it had changed a lot for both of us.
Let me just tell you something about being at Disney. Walking into the park is like magic. Each. And. Every. Time. The happiness that flooded my heart was unexplainable. The look on my kid's faces was priceless. And watching everyone else watch them made it even better. It truly is the happiest place on Earth.

( I love this photo bomb by my hubbie! It makes me laugh!! I didn't even notice when I took the picture)

We spent one and a half days in the Magic Kingdom and the rest of day two at Epcot. I have an Uncle, Aunt and cousin that live in Tampa, so they drove up and spent the evening at Epcot with us. I was happy that they got to come up and spend time with us:). We get to see them about once or twice a year if we're lucky.

The third day we went to Sea World which we all enjoyed because we love animals. The shows were amazing, but we stayed just half of the day because Reese had had enough. We went back to the hotel, napped, then hit the pool.

We had lots of fun, ate lots of yummy food and needed a vacation when we got home:)

I have to share this, too from the other day. I truly have the most tender hearted son. (With the biggest sweet tooth). The other day at lunch he was eating a brownie and declared the the top 5 important things are God/Jesus, Mary (because she was Jesus' mom, Mom!), his family, donuts and brownies. I'm just glad we made the list. Oh, to be an eight year old again!

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