Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Halloween!

What a wonderful Halloween! We has beautiful weather and the air was just crisp enough, but not too cold. Rylee, of course, had a blast and Reese enjoyed seeing all of the kids dressed up. She actually didn't mind her costume at all!

Friday night we went to our favorite restaurant, El Jimador, and had dinner. They had a few people dressed up for Halloween, but all of the kids loved Mickey Mouse. Who wouldn't?! So, all through dinner Rylee oohed and ahhed about Mickey. He waved and smiled and was so excited. Well, he decided (with the help of Mom) that he wanted to have his picture taken with Mickey. While we were waiting he looked at me with the most serious face and said "You know Mom, that isn't the real Mickey. It's a guy dressed up in a soft suit to make the children happy!" Of course, my response was "What?!" Where does he get this stuff? He is such a character! Never a dull moment!

Like I said before, we had a great Halloween. I made Rylee's costume. He wanted to be a train conductor this year and I felt that he needed something more than the hat, bandanna and whistle. This so called "epiphany" happened Saturday morning. Yep, that's right, Saturday the 31st...Halloween! Nothing like waiting until the last minute! Heehee. So, I cut up a big box and covered it and he loved it! Although, he did watch over my shoulder, telling me what needed to be added and where things went. I think that it turned out great!

We also added a new edition to the Holmes family last Sunday. A client of mine had a litter of stray kittens and you know how I am about cats. So, we got Sammy Steven. Yes, his middle name is after my Pop! The kids just love him and he loves them, too! Lucy, our other cat, was none too happy, but she is finally starting to come around. She still growls if he gets too close, but I think that they will become good friends. And Alex, the dog, just thinks that he is fun to play with!

Well, that is all for now! Hope that you all have a wonderful week!

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