Thursday, September 9, 2010


I have a confession...I am obsessed love the blog world! I love all things that have to do with blogging. I mean seriously...look at my blog roll.
I love the craft blogs, where I draw inspriration. There are so many projects that have been added to my "list" of sewing, crocheting, mod podge-ing, crafting, and the list goes on and on and on! These people are seriously talented!!! I am in the process of beginning my own craft blog, so I hope to inspire others, too:)

I love the personal blogs and reading about other people's journeys through life. I have learned so much from each one of these that I follow. I have learned to be a better friend, daughter, wife, mother and to appreciate life so much more! I am so inspired by the testimonies I have read and by the faith these people have in our God. It is constantly making me strive to better my own faith in Him. These people are incredible!

My plan is to hopefully organize my blog roll into different categories, but for now, they are all mixed together. Take some time to meet these inspiring people. You won't regret it!:)

Hope that have a Happy Thursday! Here are my two sweet babes!

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