Thursday, January 13, 2011

My 3 favoritist people:)

I am once again sitting at home with my sick bubby.  We had snow days on Tuesday and Wednesday, but he still was running a fever yesterday, so we kept him home again today.  I have a call into the doc office and I am hoping they will change his antibiotic so we will see the improvement we need to see.  He is by far better today than any other day this week, but he needs to be 100%!  So, I am saying prayers that he gets better and soon!

So, I decided to post about my favorite people today. 

The first is my bubby!
This picture was taken in November on the very day that Ry won the CharacterPlus award for Polite.  He was put on the "Wall of Character" at his school and was recognized in an assembly.  We are SO very proud of him! 

And another of my favoritist people is my Sissy-girl!

This picture was taken on Christmas Eve and it is one of my most favorite!  This is what a Merry Christmas means to me.:)

Saving the best for last, is my wonderful husband and best friend, Lee!

This was taken on New year's Eve and it was the best pic I got of him.  I love when he has a scruffy beard and I made him buy this hat!  I love love love it on him!!  I am so very thankful for him in my life.  He is my rock and without him I would be lost!

So, there they are.  I praise the good Lord each and every day for these three people.
I am truly blessed:)

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