Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Goodbye sweet Pootie

Today was a rough day for the Holmes family. Slowly we had noticed our sweet pup Alex had been losing weight and this weekend we noticed she really wasn't acting herself. So I called our vet and took her in yesterday. He ran a blood panel and the results came back today and we learned that she had cancer. He said that she had a massive growth in her abdomen. So, we made the decision to put her down. It was such a hard decision but we knew we didn't want her to suffer.
I'll never forget the day we got her. Lee wanted a golden retriever and went to look at puppies. He said that they were all so sweet and just couldn't decide. As he walked away, our sweet little pup jumped on the fence and started barking at him. And she came home with him and barked every day after! When I got off of work that evening, there she was laying on the floor like a little bundle of love! She was honestly the sweetest dog anyone could have. She was our first baby as a young couple. And she was so good to us. She loved our kids like a mother and she will be forever missed!

We love you pooster broost! You will be forever in our hearts!

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