Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Slacker slackington

Ugh. I'm a slacker. A terrible one, too! I do so well and then I miss a week. But, here I am. Trying again:). The thing about me is that my kind gets cluttered up with so many things. Anyone else like that? I know that when I write things down and make lists the clutter dissipates, but I forget. And then there's the clutter once again! Lol
So, I did an ok job on the photo month thingie. I really enjoyed doing it, but then I got to the day where I was supposed to use a long exposure and couldn't do it with my handy dandy iPhone, so I gave up. Then the week got the best of me and here we are. Let's see. Where was I?
Last week kind of went by in a blur. Story of my life.
Um...well this weekend was great with the family. We celebrated Father's Day at home and threw some hot dogs on the grill. And the kids enjoyed bubbles and water guns outside in the cooler weather.

And (drum roll please) I actually went for a run! Woohoo! And guess what else?? I did it again on Monday! And then guess what. Yeah. I hurt myself. Already. But, my geriatric hip is feeling a little better today. Nothing like taking a few rest days after starting back up. Good golly! I just permanently smell like icy hot. No big.
Then Monday we went over to the bf's house and let the kids play. The boys quite enjoyed some play station time together while we took the girls down to the kiddie pool in the backyard. It was so relaxing and much needed for Mika and I! I'm glad that our kids get along so well!

And I also finished this on Tuesday.

I LOVE to read and this book was recommended by a good friend and I loved it! It was the sweetest love story and she is hilarious! I just started something new, so when I finish it I'll fill you in!:):)

It was a beautiful day yesterday to sit and read. I can't tell you the last time I took an hour to do so. I am squeezing all the happy out of the summer I can get!:)
God is so good!:)
I'll try not to be such a slacker!

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